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Using the Bible in Evangelism to Older People – Terry Puttick




To start of the year with a fresh dose of encouragement, Terry Puttick from London City Mission came to join us to speak about How to Use the Bible in Evangelism with Older People. Terry Spoke to us last year and we’ve since used that training session in our recent learning zones—which you can find by going to—we cannot wait for you to hear everything he spoke to us about last Thursday.

Terry joined London City Mission in 1978 and spent 22 years working in the field before becoming a Field Director. In more recent years, Terry has come alongside field staff as a coach. In all his time with the Mission, he has never lost his passion for seeing people come to faith. In fact, he says he is even more fervent.

Alongside this passion for evangelism, Terry also has a heart for older people serving on the board of Faith in Later Life. Terry’s training session with us last year was one of our most popular sessions, this session is well-worth catching up on.


Terry Puttick


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