Too old for Facebook?

Welcome to this month’s Faith in Later Life newsletter, I hope you find it helpful. As ever do visit our website for more.

Facebook – have a look!

Some people may say that those in later life don’t use social media, but they would be mistaken! We recently shared a video on our Facebook page about older age and the Church’s response, and it reached more than 10,000 people, of which 78% were 55 or over, and 43% were 65 or over! This video is also on our website so if you want to view it, have a look here.

We provide regular updates and share/comment on news through our social media pages. You can join the conversation by clicking on this link to join us on Facebook, and by clicking on this link to join us on Twitter. This is also a great way to interact with other people who are also interested in the area of faith in later life. You can also contact us directly through our social media pages too. As ever you can also always send us a message by going to

Worshipping with dementia

Whether in a church setting, at home, or in a care home, many of us often don’t know how to best support our family and friends living with dementia. “Worshipping with Dementia” by Louise Morse is an excellent and accessible resource with a short Bible reading, commentary, hymn and prayer. This and many other dementia related resources can be ordered or downloaded via our website. Click here for more.

Reaching in and out

Does your church hold or host activities for older people? Whether they are church groups for older members of your congregation, or activities for older people in the community, we would love to know about them and shine a light on your good work. Please let us know here

Yours in Christ,

Carl Knightly
Director, Faith in Later Life