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Faith in Action

Directory of services and activities

The Faith in Action Directory identifies many services and activities which are being provided across the UK for those in Later Life. There is a huge variety both in terms of what is provided and who is doing the providing.

The aims of the Directory are:

  • To inspire others to start a ‘seniors’ ministry
  • To help those considering starting a ministry to see what is being provided in their community
  • To be a source of ideas by showing what is being done both locally and around the country
  • To assist individual Christians who are seeking to be involved with ‘seniors’ ministry
  • To help older people find an activity to go to
  • To create a community of those involved in ‘seniors’ ministry which can be of mutual help, generate ‘best practice’ and develop (and promote) specific models of ministry for use around the country.

How to use the Directory

To start you can either put a postcode in the pop-up box that says 'Locate Your Geoposition', or simply close that box by clicking on the 'x' in the top-right-hand corner.

If you have put in a postcode into the pop-up box then the map will centre on that location and will return services and activities in the right-hand panel in order of distance to your location.

At any point you can search for a new location by putting in an address or postcode in the 'Search Location' box. If you wish to refine your search by category then you can also do that.

For full details of the service or activity please click through to their website.

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The services and activities listed on the Faith in Action Directory have been sourced from publicly available data (some organisations have added a brief description of the service). A link to each website is included, which was active when each entry was included on the Directory. Faith in Later Life has checked the data on input but not the service/activity.


The Directory is merely a facility for churches, and Christian organisations, to provide details of their ‘seniors’ ministry on the Faith in Later Life website. Entry does not indicate a “FiLL Seal of Approval”, nor any other ‘endorsement’ – it is simply a Directory on which every “Faith in Action” can be listed.

Adding a service / activity

If you are involved with, or know of, any further services or activities with those in later life that is not included in the directory, please add it as an encouragement for others, using the form below.

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