RePurpose: Discover Fresh Purpose in Retirement

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We’d love to commend to you LICC’s resource on retirement, “RePurpose.”

Re-Purpose is a six-session discussion guide for anyone looking to grow as a disciple in retirement.

Retirement isn’t really about retiring.

Stepping back from work to help look after the grandkids – or aging parents. Going out on a high, as you step back from the organisation into which you’ve poured your heart. Or perhaps being forced to end your career because of poor health.

When we enter our later years and hang up our work boots, many of us face major questions about our identity and purpose. It’s exciting – a season of opportunity, possibility, and exploration. But it can also be daunting, disorientating, or depressing. Now that I’m retired, who am I? Who might I become? And what will I do?

The good news is that our identity and purpose as disciples of Jesus don’t evaporate when we leave paid employment. In truth, we can continue to live out our God-given vocation in our retirement years: joining in his kingdom work in all the details of daily life. Because he has good work for us to do, wherever we are: offering our expertise to companies and charities, mentoring younger people, studying something new – or simply spending time with others in cafés, gardens, and front rooms.

Designed for small groups of people in or contemplating retirement, RePurpose is a chance to explore what that vocation might look like in your own lives – and what fresh purpose God might be calling you to in this new season.

You can access this resource via the link below:

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