Retiring Well Course

Retiring Well Workbook Volume 1 - Preparing for Retirement (2)

Retiring Well is a course and a set of workbooks by Helen Calder for those approaching retirement and for those who have finished full time work in the last year. Retirement is a time of significant change with many matters to consider.

The recently published workbooks are in two volumes: Preparing for Retirement and New Patterns of Living in Retirement. These can be used individually or in a small group. There is also a Facilitator’s Manual for those considering running a Retiring Well course locally.

Further information about Retiring Well is available online through Helen’s website here.

The workbooks can be ordered from [email protected].

A single workbook is priced at £9.50 including UK postage.

Both workbooks cost £17.50 including UK postage.

You can access this resource via the link below:

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