FiLL Directory Launched

Well, not quite so new!  “Faith in Action”, the new Directory of activities and services being provided across the UK for those in Later Life, has been building for some weeks now. If you haven’t discovered it yet then do go to and take a look.

The map on the page is set to a UK wide view showing details of around 2,500 different examples of Faith in Action with and for those in Later Life. These range from Care and Nursing Homes, to Housing and Domiciliary Care schemes and many individual activities being run throughout the week. Many of these are provided by churches, with others provided by many different charities.

To start using the Directory, just put your postcode in the pop-up box. This will centre the map on your address and give you services and activities closest to you. You can control the number of activities you want to see by stating how far you want to go in the Distance pop-up box (e.g. 20, 40, 100 miles etc). The activities will be shown in the box on the right-hand side of the screen with the nearest ones to you listed first.

Alternatively, you can zoom the map in to your location, decide which service you want to investigate, and click on the ‘balloon’. This will open a small box which will show you the name of the activity and the address. Both options have:

  • a “website” button which will take you to the relevant website to give you the full information, and
  • a “directions” button to help you find it.

You will also see that each of the activities and services has a category. At this stage of the development, each has been given one of three categories – Care / Social / Evangelism. If you only want your map to show “Care” activities and services within your chosen radius, select “Care” from the “Categories” pop-up box.

The information on this Directory has been taken from public information available on other websites. The Faith in Later Life Directory is designed to simply be a signpost / gateway to the activities – the details of each scheme are on their own websites. Because of that, only activities and services which have a website are featured.

There are many more activities and services around the UK which are not yet on the Directory. If you know of any, please do go to and fill in the details on the Input Form towards the bottom of the page – “Share other initiatives you’d recommend”. Also, if you, or anyone you know, would like to be more involved with Faith in Later Life in inspiring others, please email [email protected].


The Directory is merely a facility for churches and Christian organisations to provide information about their seniors’ ministry. (Entry does not indicate a “FiLL Seal of Approval”!)


  • To inspire others to start a seniors’ ministry
  • To be a source of ideas (a ‘national database’!)
  • To help those considering starting a ministry to see what is already being provided locally
  • To assist individual Christians who are seeking to be involved with seniors’ ministry
  • To help older people find an activity to go to
  • To start to create a community of those who have a heart for and are involved with those in Later Life