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Older people laughing together

"Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ...If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honoured,

every part rejoices with it"

1 Corinthians 12: 12 & 26

Love My Neighbour is something that any individual can get involved with and we encourage you to do so, but as a church community we could make an even wider impact this winter by working together.

Here are a few ideas to add to the wonderful things you already do for older people in your community:

Love My Neighbour (1200 x 800 px)

Share 'Love My Neighbour'

We heartily encourage you to use our Love My Neighbour images in your newsletters, overhead notices, social media posts and info boards to encourage your church family to love their older neighbours this winter by praying for them as a church, and visiting, inviting and helping them. You can download some images here: LMN Images


Care Home Visitor

Love My Neighbour Care Home Services and Visits

In partnership with Embracing Age we have a Love My Neighbour service plan which teams can deliver in care homes. You can download it here: LMN-Care-Home-Service.docx

We also encourage those visiting Christian residents to help them love their neighbour this winter by praying for them regularly. Here are some handy tips to get you started: LMN-Care-Home-Visitors-and-Chaplains.docx


DailyHOPE Free Phoneline

A brilliant resource to share with older people, especially those who aren't on the internet. Comforting hymns, prayers, and Bible reflections.

There are lots of ways to share the number: as part of your overhead notices, via your website and social media, or print out flyers and posters to share in person here: Daily-Hope-Resources-Kit

Linking Lives

Befriending provides a lifeline to those who have lost connections with others, and often acts a stepping stone back into community activities again. Linking Lives can help churches set up befriending schemes and training that reaches beyond the church and into the community.

Hymns We Love

The Hymns We Love series uses well-loved hymns to share the gospel and key truths about God’s character. Many older adults grew up singing these hymns and reigniting those memories is an ideal way to engage with seniors and help them understand the Christian message.

A brilliant resource for churches preparing to welcome new older people during Love My Neighbour to church, or leading services in local care homes.

Get Ready To Welcome

Winter is a great season to extend a warm welcome to older people.

Equip your church family to invite their neighbours along by printing an inviting winter programme, and invitations to your Christmas events.

Be sure to have a friendly team (or person!) who knows how to make not-yet believers feel super welcome.

Homegroup Resource: Walk, Pray, Talk

From the Evangelical Alliance this is a free five-part series that will help you to explore the connection between the place you inhabit in the everyday, your Christian faith and your God-given purpose as you follow Jesus into His world.

An ideal homegroup resource for those looking for further Biblical reflection and conversation as they love their neighbours this winter. Find out more.

Have you discovered other helpful ideas and resources to help your church family love their neighbour? We'd love to know about them and would be so grateful if you would tell us more via [email protected]. Thank you!