Opening up God’s Word in God’s World

GWGW front cover

Author: Ruth Preston

‘God’s Word in God’s world’ is a new devotional resource from Pilgrims’ Friend Society which helps older people re-visit familiar scriptures. Ruth Ranger, Community Engagement Officer at Pilgrims’ Friend Society, shares with us the reason she created this resource and how it can benefit users of all ages. 

During the first lockdown of Covid-19 last year, I wasn’t able to visit my Dad in his care home Leonora Home, run by Pilgrims’ Friend Society. I wanted to find a way to help him in his walk with God, knowing that the usual interactions and support that he would have might be halted for a while.


I began putting together a photo-book of all kinds of images from nature combined with brief Bible texts, as his Alzheimer’s disease had advanced to a stage where he was struggling to read his Bible alone after a lifelong routine of daily Bible reading. Dad enjoyed the book, the home’s staff were complimentary, and other residents also used it, so Pilgrims’ Friend Society decided to publish their own version to make it available as a low-key devotional tool.


Called ‘God’s Word in God’s World’, it is a glossy hardback book of colourful photos with short Bible passages mixed in, rather than separated on a different page where they could be missed. The words are in giant print to make them easier to read and the pages are of thicker paper to make them easier to turn. It’s also A5 landscape to make it easier to hold. At £8.99 it makes a lovely gift.


The particular photos and Bible verses have been selected to prompt memories as well as to be eye-catching, which makes the book useful for starting conversations and for reminiscing. For example, the peacock on the front cover was chosen not just for its beautiful, vibrant colours but also because it is linked to a family anecdote for my Dad, which is explained in the book’s foreword.


The mixture of images of all types of creation means that the reader will find something to which they are particularly drawn, and a variety of carefully selected Bible translations will help to ease understanding.  The book can be used alone, or with others of all ages. The bright colours and easy-to-read text makes it a wonderful opportunity for children and older people to enjoy God’s word together. It can be used by churches to support their community members, as a gift for those moving away or into a care home, or just as an opportunity to bless others. It can also be used for reaching those who don’t yet know the Lord.


I really hope that this book will be a lovely treat for anyone at whatever stage of life and spiritual growth, maybe to help people to find a new way to receive from God.


 You can purchase a copy of ‘God’s Word in God’s world’ here.


Ruth Ranger, Community Engagement Officer at Pilgrims’ Friend Society. Ruth is also a Faith in Later Life Church Champion. For more information about our free Church Champion community click here