Senior stories


Author: Carl Knightly

During the summer months, I visited a number of churches and also heard from ‘Faith in Later Life’ supporters about Seniors related ministry in their churches and communities, and there is so much to be encouraged about!

August is typically a month where (some) churches focus on their Seniors, with Holiday at Home days/weeks for their older members, and these usually prove very popular- and fun! But throughout the year many churches hold various different groups for Seniors, seeking to reach out into their local communities- and as you know if you have been on our website, we have a national interactive directory hosting over 2300 such activities and groups. I heard from one of our ‘Church Champions‘ recently, that at their church they have just launched a Seniors groups as they have felt encouraged and empowered through ‘Faith in Later Life’. Praise God!

But there are also stories of what we like to call ‘Senior Impact’ which are so encouraging. I heard from a supporter of ours recently, whose church had held an evangelistic tea party for Seniors in their church and wider community, and a Christian gentleman in a local residential home attended, and brought seven (7) fellow residents with him! What an amazing example.

I recently visited a church to talk about ‘Faith in Later Life’ and share Scripture, and again it was so exciting to hear of how God uses us, whatever our age and stage. I heard of an older lady who joined the church, and didn’t find huge provision for Seniors, so facilitated the creation of a daytime church group, and then started inviting some of her neighbours in her retirement complex, and then as the group grew, the church started providing transport to take people to and from the group. This group is flourishing, and older people drawing near to the Lord.

And finally, I heard from a man, whose father, a couple of years ago aged 80 had been diagnosed with cancer, and a prognosis that wasnt good. The father (aged 80) was (and is) a Christian, and through his battle with cancer, shared and modelled his faith, to his son who wasn’t Christian. As a result of this journey, his son came to know the Lord Jesus has his personal saviour. By God’s grace, and through the faithful witness of an 80 year old, who knew where his hope lay.

How encouraging, to be reminded that God has plans for us, and uses us for His glory, irrespective of our age.



Director, Faith in Later Life