Life of a legend: Phoebe

This is not a mother and daughter meeting but a teacher and a teacher, one aged 93 years and one in her 50s, making one a teacher of the other! Older and younger, serving and receiving.  This is an exciting moment we had at the weekend. It is beneficial to all to engage young professionals in visiting older people for wisdom and inspiration.

It’s not always that the older person that needs help, but they have value and wisdom to impart and encourage the younger generation.

Sometimes when we target different groups and visit older professionals it encourages them because some retire with contentment and success, others with regret about how they ended their working life. This is just God’s grace at work and to those in later life we can be of great help in praying and visiting- when God opens the door!

  1. Reminding the older people amongst us of opportunity to look back and not regret but thank God.
  2. Telling the young generation that one day hopefully we shall all be there (older) and need a visit.
  3. Older people look for groups or individual people to share happiness, joy, and sadness, and to reflect on living the later part of their life.

Thanks to God for the family who cares for our dear Mum (Phoebe), she is an example that even in old age, God cares deeply for us.

Rev Tom Ochuka is a Pastor and Faith in Later Life Church Champion based in Kenya.