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There are countless examples of individual Christians, churches and Christian organisations working with and for older people throughout the UK. We want to provide some practical advice which will hopefully help you when considering starting an initiative in your church or community.


A Factsheet on the simplest form of support that can be provided to a local community – Information.


A Factsheet of ideas on how to facilitate help for someone else today – you can make a real difference.


A Factsheet on ways in which loneliness, isolation and fears can be reduced by being with someone else.


Factsheets covering the basics (the ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘when’, ‘how’ and other questions) for nine models of working with and for older people.

Top Tip

In amongst all the policies, procedures and practical considerations involved, it is only too easy to lose focus on the people who come to your event. So, the ‘top tip’ is “design your activity to be intentionally relational”. The best activities are those that encourage a sense of community which leads to those who come becoming friends who build and maintain their own independent contact.

And an ‘intentionally relational community’ will facilitate ‘intentionally relational evangelism’.