Watch Now! – Hymns We Love with Pippa Cramer

“They have sung these hymns again and again but don’t necessarily understand the gospel they contain.”

— Rico Tice

In his glowing endorsement of Pippa and Steve Cramer’s resource, Hymns We Love, Rico Tice reminds us that whilst many older people in our nation know and even love hymns, many don’t know the gospel they proclaim or the God they were written to worship. The Church has left many jewels behind it with each passing generation as a legacy to Christians to come, some of the greatest of these treasures are hymns. This month we invited you to hear from Pippa and Steve about how these Hymns might be used to invite older people to get to know God for the first time and learn once and for all about the gospel of grace and experience it for themselves. Though this event has already happened, here’s the recording for you to watch or send to others:

Don’t miss out! Watch Now!