Could it Be Dementia? Losing Your Mind Doesn’t Mean Losing Your Soul

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This book puts dementia into a Christian context, insisting that: loss of memory or reason does not mean a person is worthless. For Christians, dementia can raise questions unlike any other condition. Why does a godly old man begin to use language that has always been anathema to him? Why does a loving mother become stubborn, and suspicious? Where is God in all of this? This book offers information and reassurance gleaned from the extensive experience of caring for older people by Pilgrims Friend Society.

This resource can be purchased in accessible format for people who are visually impaired from Torch Trust: It is also available to borrow from Torch Trust in accessible format by people who are visually impaired:

Standard formats are available to buy from Pilgrims Friend Society…

You can access this resource via the link below:

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