London City Mission work with those in later life

As one of the five Charities launching Faith in Later Life last month, London City Mission dedicated the Autumn edition of its quarterly magazine – “Changing London” – to articles and accounts of its work with older people under the title – “NOT FORGOTTEN”.

The Contents page includes headings such as:

  • Greying Gracefully – “God’s purpose in later years”
  • Loneliness in Figures – “the epidemic of loneliness among the over 65s”
  • Life in a Care Home – “Being Jesus to those whose minds are confused”
  • Still Bearing Fruit – “God doesn’t put us on the scrapheap”
  • How to Reach Out to the Elderly – “Practical tips to do outreach”

In support of this, the London City Mission Training Department also focussed its Practical Evangelism Training Day on Saturday 7th October on “REACHING THE ELDERLY”. In a day full of practical experience and enthusiasm from many years of encouraging older folk to acknowledge God in their lives, delegates learnt many valuable lessons for use themselves. One slide in particular was a real challenge to how we view older people and to our willingness to engage in conversation with them.

A comment from one of the Sponsor Charities

Terry Puttick, Field Director of Ministries for London City Mission, refers to Psalm 71:17-18, “Even when I am old and grey, do not forsake me O God, as I declare your power to the next generation…”, as he writes:

I wonder what you will do with your personal legacy of faith?

There is an urgent need for older Christians to realise their evangelistic potential and step out and share the gospel with those in later life.

Over the years I have often been asked, “What is the hardest door to knock on when doing door to door evangelism?” My answer is always the same, “The first door”. But even with knees knocking as I step out in faith there is no greater thrill than seeing someone in later life coming to faith in Christ. May God give us the boldness that is filled with compassion to venture into those life-giving conversations.

Resource Hub

The featured resource this week is a new book from Louise Morse. Released this month, her challenge is: “If you think that being old is to do with a rocking chair and an easy life style, think again. You’re looking through the binoculars backwards.”

What’s Age Got To Do With It? turns the lenses the right way around and gives a clear, scriptural view of God’s purpose for old age.

When He created the universe, God set in motion times and seasons and the ageing process. Old age was part of His plan from the beginning – that people should ripen to maturity, developing wisdom through a life time of experience and relationship with Him, eventually enriching others with the attributes that have been honed over their lifetimes. But instead of contributing as God intended, many see themselves as ‘useless’ and are afraid of being a burden. Ageism has destroyed their self-image and expectations, and they give up and become passive – and we are all the losers.

Here are stories of many people living full, purpose driven lives well into their 90s and even 100s. For example, you’ll meet the lay preacher who wrote a book at 100 years of age because he couldn’t stand long enough to preach as he used to, and the 95-year-old who organised more Christian support from local churches for his care home. And many ordinary people who are making a difference to the lives of those around them.

What’s Age Got To Do With It? shows how to take off the reins and live the way God intended from the beginning.

Published by Lion Hudson
Released 17th November, 2017


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