Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby Welcomes you to the Daily Hope Line

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Author: Faith in Later Life

We are delighted that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby has released a new message on the DailyHOPE telephone line, which Faith in Later Life leads alongside the Church of England and Connections @ Holy Trinity Claygate.

Archbishop Justin speaks of his pleasure that DailyHOPE continues as it ‘contact with you which wouldn’t otherwise be possible’.

To hear Archbishop Justin’s message, please call our free phone number: 0800 804 8044 and click the star option.

Below is also a copy of what the Archbishop shares:

Hello and welcome to the Daily Hope line.

My name is Justin Welby and I am so glad to extend a welcome from all involved in the Daily hope line to you. Thank you so much for calling in today. Whether you are a regular caller or even if this is your first time, it’s wonderful that you’ve called.

I am so pleased for the existence of this telephone line – because I know it offers a contact with you which wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

In this society where so much goes on at such a pace and with such technology it is so easy to feel left behind. But the good news is: none of us are left behind by God. For he sees everything, he knows everything, he understands everything.

My prayer is as you listen in to the various offerings on Daily Hope today that through hearing his word, through joining in the prayers and taking in the reflection you would know this most extraordinary truth – God is with you by his Spirit.

As you listen may you sense God drawing close to you, making up the distance that you might feel in isolation or remoteness. And that he comes near to you; you hear these words.

Hear these words of the wonderful St Augustine who tells of the time he hears the Lord saying ‘Whisper into my heart, I am here to save you”.

What a wonderful Lord this is – who promises, who reaches to us, who loves us and comforts us.