All the Days of my Life

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Author: Faith in Later Life

David Thompson from the Presbyterian Church in Ireland—in collaboration with the Faith in Later Life network—has released a new resource titled “All the days of my life” to create rich resource for those discipling and evangelising among those in the second half of their lives. This six-session, light-touch, evangelistic tool is particularly aimed at ministry among those in later life.

Walking participants through Psalm 23, All the Days of my Life offers a friendly, simple, gently appropriate way to bring to light and awareness of God’s presence throughout life, explore what faith in Jesus means, the difference it can make, and how to respond to him in faith.

Last week we heard from David at one of our Faith in Later Life Events, who gave us an overview of the resource in practice, and answered questions from the floor about various aspects of ministry life among those in the second half of life. You can check the recording of that event out right here:

To find out more about the resource, or to purchase a copy for your own use or ministry, click on this link.