Alex Drew on the Issue of Ageism

In this video, in partnership with The Fuelcast, Alex Drew talks about Ageism, about how it has affected her personally, and how it can creep into our every day lives.

“I don’t know when the shift happened, maybe it was in my 30s, but suddenly I changed my mind. I didn’t want to look older and be older anymore. I wanted to look younger and be younger. You see, it hadn’t taken the world long to convince me that youth should be my goal. It did this by having 13-year-olds promote anti-aging potions, showing me how to apparently reduce the fine lines of aging, of which, of course, they had none. It portrayed older TV characters as miserable and often ridiculous. Even in my own circles, people began to regret another birthday and lie about their age. And suddenly, forgetting why we walked into a room became known as a “senior moment”, as if we hadn’t been walking into rooms forgetting why since we were children. Sounds harmless, doesn’t it?”

Alex covers a wide range of subjects, including:

  • A Child’s View of Ageing
  • Society’s Obsession with Youthfulness
  • Negative Consequences of Ageism
  • Addressing Ageism
  • A Biblical Perspective on Ageing
  • Call to Action