Celebrating Three Years of Daily Hope

“My name is Justin Welby. And I am particularly grateful to greet you today, as DailyHOPE hits the significant milestone of being available for three years. If you’re anything like me, you can barely remember what you did three minutes ago, let alone three years ago. But what a three years this has been, we started DailyHOPE at the time of COVID. And through everything we’ve been through, we’ve not been abandoned by God. Every day, every hour, every minute, every second, whether we’ve known it or not, we’ve been held by the one who loves us, and gave His Son to die for us. So take heart, be strong and bold and very courageous. God is with you. And he is true to every promise.

None of us know what the next three years hold, even the next three days. But we do know the One who holds us is faithful and loving. And as I finish I wonder if you’ve been encouraged by any part of the DailyHOPE line, you might like to tell us, we can share together the stories of help and hope that God has provided through this simple phone line over these last three years.

May God be with you.