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Our mission is to

individual Christians and churches so that older people in every community can live fulfilled, productive and dignified lives.


“... there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents...”

“I have not had a good life, having been an alcoholic for years and living a completely immoral life. Then I came to this residential home and found that Christians visited, telling of Jesus and his love and compassion.  At a carol service, the lady was speaking about the real meaning of joy, when suddenly the Lord Jesus came to me and filled me with incredible joy... The Lord came to me, filled me with joy and forgave my sin.”


Charles was invited to a monthly church meeting by a friend. After two years of listening but never responding, he sadly had a serious stroke. Through the ministry of a visitor, he received the Lord into his life and spent his days praying for the other residents of the nursing home, writing (albeit wobbly) letters praising God for his goodness.


After my father’s death my mother decided to come and stay for the weekend.  When I got home one evening, she was in tears from reading some gospel tracts I had in the lounge and said she wanted to give her life to the Lord.


Mr B was a professional man, living in northwest India.  Although he was a Hindu he had married an English lady and went to church in India.  His wife became ill after they retired to England and asked for communion to be brought from the church.  Mr B always stayed in the room for the short service.  When his wife died he asked to be baptised and confirmed, showing signs of a real faith.

Mr B

“My daughter invited me to a mission which I hated.  But when the speaker said the prayer of commitment I found myself joining in and a feeling of great warmth and peace filled me.”


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