Daily Hope Phone Line - 0800 804 8044

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Faith in Later Life is delighted to have recently taken on the phone line service Daily Hope (available any time, for free, at 0800 804 8044) which was made available for free to those in need by the Church of England, Connections, and Faith in Later life during the events of the early 2020s.

Daily Hope furthers our our commitment to reaching, serving, and empowering older people in every community. As such, this service, as with everything else we do, shouldn’t be seen as replacing the work of the local Church, but furthering it; because of this, we’d love to invite you to take ownership of this phone line in your own ministries!

We hope that this will be another string to your bow, to help equip you to reach those who might not be able to enjoy regular contact with others, and therefore, might appreciate listening to hymns, daily prayers, and reflections on the word of God.

We've created some resources to help you do just that! These have been designed to promote this service, ensuring it serves as a tool of empowerment and connection in your community. We have kept in mind those who might have visual impairment, and so the font is large and monochrome.

These resources include Social Media images, cards you can print and hand out to people, as well as a printable poster and a slide you might like to use prior to, or during a church service.

We’d love to hear from you about how you’re using these resources yourselves.

To find those go to our dedicated Daily Hope resources page, or click below:

Download our Daily Hope Resource Pack

"It’s important that we support those who are feeling lonely and isolated, whatever age they are."

Archbishop Justin Welby

What Can you Expect from the Daily Hope Phone Line?

Interested in some of the options available on the Daily Hope Phone Line?

Tune in for thoughtful messages from people like Archbishop Justin Welby

Find solace in beloved hymns

Get help with getting off to sleep with our ‘Sleep Well’ sessions

Listen in on Church of England services and enjoy traditional prayers for morning and evening

Feeling achey? Choose our ‘Chair Exercises’ for physical well-being and ‘Holiday at Home’ for a dose of joy and relaxation.

We hope you'll agree that there's something for everyone, and we always updating our resources.

If you like to call, or to encourage others to, our phone line is always open at 0800 804 8044