Local services

In What to Consider First you’ll find these questions which are worth asking for those setting up a new service or activity for older people:

  • Have you checked if anything similar is being offered in this area? Consider groups like education groups (e.g U3A), volunteer services, lunch clubs, support groups and networks specific to health conditions, local community charities, transport services and church groups?
  • Have you thought about all the possible benefits from this work?
  • Have you contacted other churches to learn from their experience?

It is often better to work in partnership than unnecessarily duplicate.

You may find you can pull together a ‘one stop’ information point for your community to turn to, to know where to go for what. It might be being on the end of the phone; having a church resource centre; community café; a corner of library; a book shop; a ‘drop in’ centre? However it is done, make sure you make it known!

Find out what is happening in your local area in this Activity Directory.