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In this section of the website you will find the nine model types:

  1. Practical Support at Home
  2. Health and Wellbeing
  3. Serving the Community
  4. Transport
  5. Visiting and Befriending
  6. Lunch (and other meals)
  7. Social Groups (for Leisure, Learning, etc)
  8. Care at Home
  9. Housing / Care Home

We strongly recommend that you obtain information on what is currently being provided locally before starting any work on a model. Click here to go to our Information Factsheet.

You may also find it useful to read the two other Factsheets at this stage. Click here for the Facilitate Factsheet, and click here for the Accompany Factsheet.

Finally, resources! People and premises and whatever else you’ll need to deliver your action on a sustainable basis.

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