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Continuing during COVID

By Ruth Preston | 26/02/2021

A blog post by Church Champion, Ruth Ranger.     My work as a Community Engagement Officer for the Christian charity Pilgrims’ Friend Society (PFS) means that I am able to promote Faith In Later Life amongst a large number of churches and other contacts in the Chippenham & North Wiltshire area. The Covid-19 pandemic…


What is the Fourth Age?

By Ruth Preston | 22/02/2021

Celebrating the Fourth Age and Valuing the Contributions of Older People     Those in the fourth age are in their eighties, nineties and centenarians. Many commentators refer to the fourth age as living with the ‘Gift of Years’, recognising that the seniors have much to give in terms of their experience and wisdom; that…


Reaching Out to Care Homes

By Ruth Preston | 17/02/2021

Genie is in her eighties and lives in a sheltered housing residential home. She has a strong faith in Jesus and has always attended church, but always felt shy about talking to her friends about her beliefs. The local church started to visit the communal lounge once a month with an afternoon of fun to…

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Does My Church Value Older People?

By Ruth Preston | 12/02/2021

In 2019, almost one in five of the UK population (18%) were aged over 65. This is likely to increase over the next 40 years to one in four. The biggest increases will continue to be in the numbers of the “oldest old” – those who living in the fourth age. It is predicted that…

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Care Home Placements: Advice for Individuals and Churches

By Ruth Preston | 08/02/2021

With the average age of church members increasing in most churches and the numbers of those in the fourth age rising, the likelihood of members needing to find an appropriate care home to meet their needs is also increasing. It is not unusual for there to be a number of church members residing in care…

January 2021 Newsletter

By Ruth Preston | 05/02/2021

January 2021 Reaching, serving and empowering older people   Welcome to this January Faith in Later Life newsletter where we will be sharing updates and news, signposting to new resources, and highlighting opportunities for you to get involved.       “For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God…


Stories of Encouragement Shared by Mavis 

By Ruth Preston | 18/01/2021

Mavis recently got in touch with us to share some more stories of encouragement. We are always so moved by the stories Mavis has to share and never cease to marvel at the ways God is moving in the lives of older people. Rather than write the stories below into one blog post, I wanted…

Care and Compassion in the Church

By Ruth Preston | 08/01/2021

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Keith Mcintosh, a Church Champion from St Andrews Church in Leyland, Lancashire. Keith shared with us how he is using his passion for sports and leisure to help serve the older people in his community.    Keith is retired and has always had a keen interest in…

December 2020

By Ruth Preston | 29/12/2020

December 2020 Reaching, serving and empowering older people   Welcome to this December Faith in Later Life newsletter where we will be sharing updates and news, signposting to new resources, and highlighting opportunities for you get involved. We wish you a very happy Christmas!         “Thanks be to God for His indescribable…

What hotel quarantine taught me about my faith

By Carl Knightly | 23/12/2020

Ben Boland is an aged care chaplain and author based in Australia and is a Faith in Later Life Church Champion. He recently spent time working in an aged care facility dealing with Covid19, while self-isolating in a hotel. Here he reflects his experiences:   No balcony, no microwave and no breeze. The only face-to-face…